General information

Derphartox was established in 2001 by Dr.Elliott with the aim of utilising novel models for investigating chemical/skin interactions for drug safety and efficacy studies. In the short time since its establishment, Derphartox has worked for many major international companies.

Importantly, Derphartox has low overheads and is flexible in its approach. As a result it is able to:

  1. Perform contract research at competitive prices.
  2. To develop and validate models specific to clients needs at cost price.
  3. Consider different forms of collaboration in order to help small companies develop new products.

Short curricula vitae

Graham Elliott, Managing Director

Dr. Elliott obtained his Master’s in Toxicology and his Ph.D. from Surrey University, Guilford, UK. He moved to Erasmus University, Rotterdam in 1981, where he researched the role of eicosanoids in immune-inflammatory reactions, before moving to TNO (Netherlands Institute for Applied Research) in 1988. During his time at TNO Dr. Elliott developed a number of alternative in vitro models for investigating acute interactions between chemical agents and the skin and humanized models for investigating chronic interactions. Derphartox was established in 2001 by Dr. Elliott with the aim of exploiting these models for pharmaceutical research.

Pranab Das, Senior Science Consultant

Prof. dr. Das obtained his Master’s in Clinical Biochemistry at the University of Sheffield and finished his Ph.D. at the University of London, UK. He has held several international postdoctoral positions and has spend most of his professional career as Associate Professor at the Departments of Dermatology & Pathology where he formed his research group on Tissue Specific Immune Reactivity with a focus on Dermato-Pathological Research. He retired in 2006 but still continues to work on various research themes in collaboration with various internationally famous institutes and is an active honorary member of the Department Pathology (Neuropathology Division) of the Academic Medical Center/University of Amsterdam, Department of Infection & Immunity/Leiden University Medical Center, School of Immunity and Infection/Colleges of Medical and Dental Sciences/University of Birmingham, Institute Lauro Souza Lima/Bauru/Sao Paulo/Brazil and Immunodeficiency and Inflammation/Institute Pediatrics/University of Brescia/Italy.

Statement on use of research animals

Derphartox is dedicated to developing alternative methods for toxicity testing and drug development and has developed alternative methods for screening dermal irritants and contact allergens and measuring rates of percutaneous penetration. These methods are at least as reliable, and in some cases better, than current animal tests.

Where animals still need to be used, e.g. human disease models, Derphartox is actively investigating alternatives which can be used to predict efficacy and safety in patients.